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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to Walking In Love

If this is the first time you have come to this blog, welcome. The nature of blogs is like reading a book from the end to the beginning. This blog has chronicled the creation of a group art installation, the Walking In Love Installation. So if this is your first visit to the site please go to the archives on the right and begin at the oldest blog and read forward for the story. This blog was begun in January 2011.

I can pretend this is a prologue, that you have never read about Walking In Love before. What would I like you to know? An idea came to me. One that many people (gratefully) decided was worthy of their creative time and attention. A journey began. It has been full of all of the emotions life has to offer. In the end we created a magnificent one of a kind art installation which touched many lives. I hope you enjoy reading about this experience.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Walking In Love at Five Windows Gallery

I am pleased to announce that the Five Windows Gallery in Weaverville, California will show 8 of the 40 panels which were created for the full installation of Walking in Love. Kimberly Piazza, gallery manager, is showing the best of all Weaverville shows from 2011 and invited Walking In Love to exhibit a sample of our group effort. It is so difficult to pick just eight panels to represent the entire work. It is the whole that made the show unique and powerful. It is likely that I will return to Weaverville part way through the exhibit and change out some of the panels in order to offer a fuller experience to viewers. Currently you can see eight panels in the front window of the gallery on Highway 299. What an honor it is to be considered among the best art that Trinity County offers.