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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where is Walking In Love?

Physically speaking, the Walking In Love Installation sits in the middle of my studio classroom at Quail Meadows! Metaphorically speaking it is in a waiting period. There have been options for other venues but I have felt this deep need to rest.

The rest I speak of is an internal place. Outwardly I am full swing into the harvest of tomato and other veggie of the garden, peach, mint, dill, not yet with apples, elderberry and more. I am filling my woodshed with firewood my son, a friend and myself harvested from the woods at my home. Wonderful work and the kind of work which allows me to contemplate.

When I allow my thoughts to rest on the Walking In Love Installation and what came out of the beautiful venue of Sacred Threads a few key things come to me.

The method of expressing Love through three dimensional art works powerfully.

Love transforms people.
Transformation shows itself in many ways.

I will continue to grow Walking In Love (and it will no doubt continue to grow me too!).

The Installation was successful because many people dedicated themselves to seeing the vision fulfilled.

I welcome anyone who feels they want to work on the fuller vision, the next installation.  An artist rendering will be available soon.

Many people have been a part of this installation and have seen it. I am interested in your stories. How you have been affected. Changes to your life as a result of wither working on this or walking through the art. Can you say anything about how these changes have continued in your life and in what ways? Please use the comment tab to write to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

With much love to all of you!
Lisa Brey

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