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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Spiral Created

I really wondered when I left the house at 7:30 in the morning yesterday if I would be able to make the trip to Anderson, California. It was snowing. I had the tiny Geo Metro and the road was icy. I only needed to get to Hayfork where Jim would give me a ride out of the mountains and into the flat land of the central valley of California. It is never a sure thing, the mountain weather, in spite of the confidence of weather reporters and satellite imagery. I very nearly cancelled my trip. Some little voice urged me on. I did make it out safely and Jim delivered me to Hudson Mechanical, Inc. owned by Blaine  and Colleen Hudson. Blaine and Colleen very generously let Metal Artist John Ritz use their giant shop to work on the project. John is creating the metal spiral that all the art pieces will hang from for the Walking in Love Installation.

I wonder if there is anything (other than fabric) that is more thrilling than copper? I spent a fun two hours with John as he drafted a grid pattern onto the shop floor and then proceeded to bend one inch diameter copper tubing to fit to the spiral he had drawn within the grid. I marvel at how this whole project has worked. It has gone so well, not without troubles, but every step in perfect timing. Even the delivery of the copper hangers John will use to install the spirals into the ceiling at the Highland Gallery arrived as we worked on the spirals. Next week installation! Thank you John, Blaine and Colleen for your participation in the Walking in Love Installation.

Other good news of the day: the Long Arm Sewing Machine that was left in bits and pieces last week was returned to working order by one of our panel artists and overall mechanically talented, Nick. Frannie is off and running to finish her panels!

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