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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Karen Renaudin: Walking In Love Artist

Karen Renaudin is a sparkly, bubbly personality. Her enthusiasm for the Walking In Love Installation began immediately when asked she me to tell her more. Karen said, "I could see what you were describing and the idea for a panel came right away." Most of the panels have been by fabric artists. Karen's panel is made of porcelain. It is a stunning piece and adds so much to Walking In Love.

Karen's says:

Many heart felt thanks to our loving leader and visionary Lisa for this beautiful and powerful expression of love and for inviting us all to share in this walk together.  Seeing each person’s vision for “Walking in Love” and hearing their personal journeys has been so endearing and enlightening.  We’ve been walking and sharing and experiencing the beauty that love brings into our lives and it has been a deeply moving and wonderful experience.  It’s a reminder that love lives in and around each of us, and we have a choice to consciously turn our attentions toward a more loving existence.  I hope this beautiful expression of love touches many hearts.
This project is extremely timely in my life, and has given me a great opportunity to express many recently stimulated feelings about our souls, and what I imagine a pure white soul life and love might look like.  Inspired by a desire to capture the beauty of love and our higher selves, I’ve used porcelain tiles and alpaca fiber to represent a lightness of being, graceful, moving, playful, giving, inviting, lyrical, a soul dancing in love.

Karen has moved from being one of the artists to contributing greatly to all of the behind the scenes aspects of organizing a show that moves as well as fundraising. Karen has a talent for thinking big and has taken the lead in approaching well known personalities asking for their support for the Walking In Love Installation. I am grateful she has given generous donation of time and talents to seeing this work grow and travel.

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