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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why do we walk in love?

It is easy to lose sight of why any of us are involved in this Walking In Love Installation. The tremendous effort to create a structure of organization to assist a growing endeavor is completely different than creating white panels. It continues to amaze me that I can live in the middle of the wilderness, quite literally, and yet because of the internet the team is able to connect with Kickstarter and the 'world' and ask for help moving this Installation from the Wilderness to Washington DC. I want to see this installation near Washington DC for the very basic reason that walking in love at our capitol seems to be a good thing. Do you agree?

I love to create because it brings me good personally.  When I am working with the raw materials of a new panel I feel as if I am at the very center of who I am. The thrill of resting in ideas of love and watching a new creation arise is a dance unlike any other. While I am gaining skill creating something new in the ether world (a blogspot, a Kickstarter site), for me it is the time to create in the real world that is most meaningful. It is the growing connections with others creating that is astonishing.

I suspect, actually more than suspect, I know others feel this way too. I had a phone call from a dear friend wanting to talk about how she was creating her panel in white. When I first invited her to create a panel she was quite pleasant and supportive of this work but said she was too busy with other work to take time to make a panel. I accept this. Not everyone is called to make a panel. I also watched this same woman walk the spiral. If anyone felt the deepest meaning that this Walking In Love Installation offers it was this woman who shall remain nameless at the moment. Her genuine rapture, the tears, her gasps, the attention I saw her give to each panel top to bottom was the thanks I receive for following the vision in the first place. But when she came to me later and told me more detail of how profoundly she was moved in her heart once she entered the room housing the installation I understood that taking the internal feeling and making something tangible with it can create good in this world.

Now when Dear Friend tells me how she feels creating a panel I can nod my head in understanding. It is one thing to walk the spiral. A very good thing from the reports I hear. It is yet another thing to make a panel. To allow oneself to live with the concept/feeling of love for a longer time. To work the white fabric and dwell in ideas so dear to us all has a particular way of working on us.

I work on the Walking In Love Installation not to make money, though money is important to help the Installation move on to Washington DC, but because in my deepest being I am moved to live more fully in love. Will you join the growing team in whatever way you wish? Thank you.

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