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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building In Love

It is very exciting to begin to build our very own room for the Walking In Love Installation in Hyampom, California. This can be seen for two days only May 21 and May 22, 2011 at our sweet Community Hall. In the middle of the wilderness, from the middle of nowhere, emerges this beautiful three dimensional art installation. I was asked recently what an art installation is. One definition: Installation art describes an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.

How does Walking In Love Installation transform the perception of a space? A good question. I suspect the answer is that it is different for every person that visits the installation. How can an art piece be universal? It's the eye of the beholder thing. 

I have also been asked recently about my own beliefs around love. I was actually surprised by the question. Maybe it was the way the question was put to me. Something about a yes or no answer in which neither answer was really satisfactory. I think there was a question behind the question but there was not opportunity to have a conversation. I mean, can a conversation about love be handled by one yes or no question? I didn't think so.

When I was asked the question I felt like the person asking it was using my answer about love in order to categorize the entire Walking In Love Installation. After thinking about the question (which I am deliberately leaving out of this blog), I have decided that my thoughts about love are only mine. They do not reflect that of the other artists who are participating in this installation. I do not require anyone to hold the concept/feeling of love in the same way I do. How could I? Mine is only one tiny speck of all that is possible.

I have been slowly giving room to all of the artists who have participated in the Walking In Love Installation so far. They write their statements and I print them with permission. Their statements reflect their views. When I print my statement that will represent my views. The Installation, well, my hope is that the Walking In Love Installation will change the perception of the space it is in and that space will be transformed by all of the concepts/feelings of love that went in to the panels by the collective group of artists who have participated so far.

The Installation continues to grow, to expand, to be open to more panels and to your financial support. Traveling an art installation does take a bit in the way of shipping costs. I am so pleased to announce that the costs of building the room have been paid for by the generous contributions of my itty bitty adopted home town of Hyampom and by very generous people within this close knit supportive community of Trinity County California. There are also those other wonderful people from all over who have lent their we are a go! This Installation is being birthed in the next three days and then we will travel it to Herndon, Virginia outside Washington DC for it's first debut outside of Trinity County at Sacred Threads.


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