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Thursday, May 26, 2011

From May Pole to Building: Walking In Love

The journey from a fundraising party to a vision made real has consumed me this last month. I never knew time could expand to the point where each day was so full it could feel like a week! May 1st we played with our friends. May 18- 23 we worked together. So many people to make this art installation happen, to make the panels, to raise the funds, to build the structure, to ship it across the country. People I am now deeply in love with. People who show up in so many ways. Provision that comes from some places I did not know existed. As I work on this project I begin to learn that walking in love is a way to be in relationship to life. All of life. From the mundane to the complex. This project has challenged me at every level of my being. When I saw what we created TOGETHER, what it is possible to create together with all of our gifts, talents, flaws and quirks, I walked the spiral in amazement and gratitude that such beauty is possible. I hope, if you are able to, you will join us making in the Walking In Love Installation grow and travel. I send enormous thanks to all who are part of this. We can be so proud of ourselves.

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