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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bridget Carson, Walking In Love Artist

Bridget Carson

Friends, family or lovers, we all share protection, warmth and affection within the encircling embrace of love.

Bridget was the first person I ran in to after the Highland Gallery confirmed their desire to see an installation built. I went to the grocery store and there she was in the baking aisle. There I was in the baking aisle. What can I say?

We spoke about the notion of a 1 foot by eight foot panel all in white. I sketched it in my notebook and showed her the first rough concept. Bridget stroked her chin thoughtfully and said she was intrigued. She is a trained fine artist. I wish it was possible to capture in a photo the embrace she rendered in thread. From one side a man, from the other, a woman. When the Hyampom School children went through the installation they were particularly taken with this panel. A unique contribution. This is one of those panels you simply must see in person to appreciate the delicacy.

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