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Monday, July 4, 2011

What about love?

After the long push to get the Walking in Love Installation to the Sacred Threads show I am taking a break. I suspect New York City can be considered a break. Hmmm. So much of everything that worries and cares melts away absorbed by unceasing inundation of sight, sound, motion. I think the best smells in the world exist here wafting out of the small cafes tucked underneath apartments stacked on top of each other. Walk a few more steps and the worst smells in the world are sure to be encountered before too long. People sitting on their front stoops escaping the heat of the apartments late in the day, a dinner enjoyed with friends walking by, life exists in such varied forms in this world, from wilderness to the exact opposite. Somewhere in the midst of all this exploration from one village to the next a young woman, tall and slender, walked by. Her face I no longer remember, except the large dark sunglasses. A busy intersection, people racing along following the 'walk now' symbols and jay walking wildly in all directions. I stood for a moment deciding which way to go, happily stopped in my tracks by her stark white tee shirt with jet black writing. A simple font style, nothing elaborate. No other imagery. Fluidly walking by, a motion absorbed into the crowds and disappearing before I could even fully register the details of this person...left with the message of her perfectly appropriate reminder...simple words to comtemplate...what meaning to make of this idea:
Love Is My Religion

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