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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travis Boland, Walking in Love Artist

"He's a knight in shining armor," Fran said of Travis when I saw her into the airport to leave DC and Travis circled around in his truck. I have said he is an angel. Others on site while we built the installation commented on how kind he is. Without being asked he went around the entire exhibit hall and made sure the rods set up to support all of the art pieces for the Sacred Threads were properly secured. He said soothing words to me on more than one occasion during the build. My patience was worn thin by the time change and my own concern about how it would go. Travis often reminded me of the mission statement, "a joyful process". He operates in a humble manner with speed, efficiency, brilliant competence, humor and a calm and cheerful demeanor. Travis drove the trailer full of the Walking in Love spiral across the country while being chased by water spouts, lightening and heavy rain, stopping only to sleep in his truck when he was too tired to  continue. He arrived in the wee hours of the morning and unhitched the trailer, came to our hotel, took a shower, ate some food and then hopped in to the truck again to take Fran and I to begin to set up the show. This after sleeping at a rest stop in Maryland when weather prevented him from making it all the way to DC as hoped. Then after the build was completed he took the time to carefully appreciate all of the quilt art work, taking his artistic ability with a camera and capturing imagery honoring all of the artists. He really is one of the genuine "Nice Guys" in this world. Travis is the best.

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