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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frances Sherman Walking in Love Installation Artist

What can be said about this amazing woman? Mother to seven children, she still has room to 'adopt' others (myself included). Sensitive and caring, speaks her mind, makes astonishingly beautiful quilted landscapes and raises sheep and chickens and many varied things in between! Such a range of capabilities. Frannie says:

I think /feel love is a spiritual thing which one can feel in their inner being. It is a state of calm, pleasantness, fulfillment, receiving and giving, a feeling of completeness and wholeness of being. To me my panel is full of the love God has for me no matter where I am in my life or where my feelings are at the moment, good or bad. I know that no matter where I am He is with me, in me and around me. It is the agape love I portray in fabric in the hope that others will feel the peace in understanding we are all loved forever!

Fran outside the entrance to the show.
Frannie is one of those busy people that accomplishes much no matter what else is going on in her very busy life. At the opening she helped to guard the doorways reminding people to leave their food and drink outside! In addition to this she stayed up until midnight the night before the opening to help create a simple panel to frame a more complex one. I am sure grateful this woman is in my life .

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