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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gratitude for Walking in Love Installation

When I first stepped into saying "yes!" to this idea there was no way to see into the future and how beautiful the entire process would be. Maybe because the idea had been fomenting for several years when the time was ripe the flowering could unfold rather effortlessly. This is not to say that there has not been work involved. There is plenty. I think right now of a dear dear woman who wishes to remain anonymous. I sat next to her last night on a couch while she pulled out of a gorgeous silken purple bag a white strip measuring four inches by twelve inches and the tiniest crochet hook you could ever imagine. She pulled the ball of white thread out and began to take stitch after tiny stitch. "Only 91 inches to go" she said. I think "she is creating a valence for a window." She has her crochet work hanging inside doorways in her home. Instead she hmmms and ummms and then it begins to emerge that this is her third panel for the installation and it will be all crocheted lace. I am moved to this place of such gratitude. That she will sit in her home, in her life, and create a treasure to hang in the Walking in Love Installation is just one part. The deeper part is  her decision to create this panel with dedication to the premise: hold the feeling/concept of love while working on the panel. And boy does she. In many ways I feel this anonymous woman is living at the core of the real reason this project strikes a chord with people. It is the invitation to walk in love in your own life in a way you might not have before. Maybe it is the permission to actually create and rest in love. I can't say exactly. I welcome your comments on this topic. Please use the click on the word comment below this blog and tell your story. I am so interested to understand how this project touches you.

I am grateful to know that this kind of work draws and moves and attracts people. I feel just a little bit overwhelmed at the support that exists. Particularly now that this installation will move to Sacred Threads outside of Washington DC in June. It takes a team. This work is not possible without the help of many. The video that will soon be released is a work of love from Neil Harvey (film, sound, voice), Karen Renaudin (editing and production, voice), Jean-Pierre Brandt (voice), myself and Tony Kendrew who uploaded the file in the late hours of the night. We would not be going to Sacred Threads without you. There are not enough thanks to express how moved I am to have watched all of you jump in and say "yes" yourselves to communicating this work, in love.

And to all who join to celebrate: you make life rich.

Readying for the next round, the move to Sacred Threads, I return to the white and I ready myself to create another panel. All of the curator parts of this work (and there is a lot) can wait for a moment. It is in the making of the panel that I rest.

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