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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jean-Pierre Brandt Walking in Love Installation Artist

Jean-Pierre explains his panel.
Lisa, Jean-Pierre, Christine 
Jean-Pierre and his wife Christine Hassler-Brandt are a unique couple. I am sure I won't say everything there is to say about them because they are so multi-dimensional. Christine paints, creates herbal remedies, massages and does body work, gardens, dances and teaches wellness courses. She assisted Jean-Pierre in his vision for a panel. Jean-Pierre came to the opening with a loaf of sourdough bread from one of his tri-weekly baking sessions. A jeweler, a painter, he had a wood sculpture showing at a gallery down the street from the Walking In Love Installation at the Highland which debuted his first attempt in fiber. The result is ephemeral beauty. Jean-Pierre says:

Here is a photo that to my eyes translate the emotional feeling I have with
my panel.It is about walking in love with my father during the last 2 weeks of his
life. Since the image reflect the vision of a dream I had 30 min before his
passing, I wanted the panel to be "dream like". Hazy and inviting to "see the
emotion". Working with fiber was challenging and fun and the perfect media for this
vision. A very big thank you to Christine for working with me on the making of our
panel and for seeing it as a walking in love invitation.

Christine says the little red tab at the bottom of the little 'dickie' was attached into a special place in the pants to secure it against movement. So many little unexpected serendipities happened while hanging the show. One of them was having a window behind this piece. The lighting was perfect.

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