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Friday, June 24, 2011

Faye McGough, Walking in Love Artist

I have known Faye through our local quilters guild, the Log Cabin Quilters, for many years now. Faye is an extremely productive quilter as well as a soap maker and the creator of many assorted crafts. I suppose her years of raising seven children and working full time as a nurse have something to do with her ability to multitask and get things done! I sure hope the lucky relatives who receive her quilts are grateful for her design and color sense. Her quilts are treasures as is her company. Faye is always ready to laugh at the absurdities in life. 

"When I hear the word love, I immediately think "family", hence the funky family tree.  It holds my 7 living children, 21 grandchildren, and 3 great-grands.  At the foot of our tree you will find 2 children from heaven.  Look up and down the trunk and you will see my message."

Faye McGough aka grammy

Working in a one foot by eight foot format can create some design challenges.  When viewed from a distance her family tree is reminiscent of a giant sequoia or a redwood and not at all funky. 

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  1. Absolutely amazing! I am so impressed everyday by my mom!