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Friday, June 17, 2011

Participating with, watching, staying out of the way, getting in the way, all of these things happened for me  while the build of the copper room that would house the white on white panels took place. Men, Many men (and a woman or two), with strength and brains, skills and practical know-how made the design John envisioned work. We were not people who have all worked together before, though many of us have overlapped on projects of all sorts in the years we have lived here. I do not know that any barn-raisings have occurred in this community in recent years, but I have seen many of these people build a barbeque pit for the hall. I watched the Petanque court come to life at the same time our show was born. I do not mean to be sexist about who did the work of copper polishing, grinding, welding and construction. It is a simple fact that this was largely the realm of the men. I am not a stranger to this way. I worked as an engineer for a dozen years in a male dominated field before I chose to work from the home to raise my two children. Prototype development was what I loved to do. Here was an amazing chance to play once again. I am so very grateful for these volunteers and how they worked together in very elegant and harmonious ways through snafu and delight until the room was built.  Charley, John, Evan, Tony, Jean-Pierre, Ebbe, Travis, James, Larry, Phil, Dad, Neil, Sydney, Karen, Fran and Susan Thank You from my heart.

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