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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside the hall we begin to make room to Walk in Love


Our plan did not go forward quite as rapidly as we had hoped. We allowed three days to build and hang the show. It became apparent on the morning of day three that this would not be real. John and I had a very good conversation about walking in love instead of stressing in love which we both had indulged in a little bit. We reminded ourselves that this project was about process and how we worked together was very important. Now please understand that everyone on board is quite adept at creating finished product. There was no doubt this would occur. But we also knew that we were creating a prototype. Wikipedia dictionary defines prototype as follows: A first or preliminary model of something, esp. a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied. Of course! This explains why there were things we did not anticipate. Like the fact that the ceiling of the hall was nine feet 6 inches and we needed more space than that. Oops. We were not able to install the lighting in this first build. No room. I can't say that I was happy to accept that we would tear down the installation and then need to rebuild it again to finish the work. I don't imagine anyone else involved was too thrilled. But no-one complained. In fact people were good natured about it. "This is a prototype," became a mantra. The structure took four days to build. Many people helped, including those who had come to the artist reception we had scheduled for day 4. A party went on outside the hall! We ate well. Everyone got to witness our build and look at the panels as they awaited hanging on the many tables. I noticed one man moved to tears, to his enormous surprise, simply looking at one panel on a table. Frannie worked all of one day making white curtains to serve as walls. I know that everyone was grateful when Christina showed up one night with a dinner of the most delicious pasta I had tasted. Yum for the garlic! 

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