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Monday, January 24, 2011

How Thoughts Scatter

A flock of nut hatches flew through yesterday morning landing on the lawn to peck at things unseen by human eye. I open the door and they all scatter, taking flight in many directions.

A door opened in my understanding late last night after receiving news that is personally devastating to me, though not anything anyone else would even see. I watched my thoughts and emotions land around the news like those birds, all flutter and action, hopping here and there, pecking away at all of the nuance. Reeling. Where to allow my heart to land? Anger? Fear? Silliness? Tears of impotence. Accept the things I can not change?

A dear friend listened to me on the phone through the storm of emotion and as emotion began to subside asked me if there was some way to keep myself busy productively, gently suggesting hand work. All at once I returned to my senses and found even more profound meaning, for myself, in this Walking In Love Installation. All of those emotions fled and calm returned in an instant. Taking a panel, working on the binding, holding thoughts/concepts of love, I am once again centered and grateful.

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