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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weaverville Quilt Retreat

It was my very great pleasure to join with quilter's from Weaverville, Lewiston, Willow Creek, Redding and more yesterday in Weaverville, California. Sue Rhodes (and others!) from Textile Traditions played hostess to the gathering of over thirty quilters! The main event was a mystery quilt! The Fire Hall where they met was transformed into a cozy place with fabric, quilts hanging on the walls, an abundant table of delicious foods and of course the quilters who gathered.

I experience joy in these gatherings. Feeling the warm way long term friendships over and around sewing/quilting  ends up creating delightful play, like the Beautiful Batty Quilters from Redding, Ca who had bat wing headbands and caprons (double duty aprons which turn in to capes!) which they modeled for us! Having a demonstration from Bridget Carson to create an apron from 1929 out of one yard of fabric satisfied my desire to have an apron of some kind. I think they are such a practical invention and have been wanting to make one!

A show and tell of comfort quilts reminds me of how generous quilters are with their time and materials, thinking about those who are in need. Seeing the different projects like the earthy forest colors using recycled pants one woman made encourages my creativity. Watching the brilliant way another woman solved a problem with miscutting her chosen project for the weekend and coming up with a new design is ingenuity and more in practice.

I worked on my Bargello panel. I have been at a particularly fussy part. It required concentration. Hearing all the wonderful story telling, joking, comments, getting up to eat delicious cookies it is no wonder I had more recuts, unsews than usual. Yet it was an afternoon that I wish could have lasted longer. The company of other quilters is a place of comfort for me, the ambiance so rich in shared love for fabric, create, and each other. I am grateful for their kind invitation to visit and share the Walking in Love Installation!

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