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Friday, January 14, 2011

Infusion of Joy

Joy is the gathering of quilters to work on a project! Working on Walking in Love yesterday I met with Quilters in Hayfork and Weaverville, California. Seeing the panels they are working on is inspiring. Such creativity! Artistic beauty! It is always a joy to be in the wonderful sorority of quilters. Enthusiasm for the Walking in Love Installation, the vibrancy of other projects in the works ignites my imagination. A delightful day!

The panel I work on in honor of Katie surprises me! I decided to try creating some pierced areas. I did this to run some tubes in and around the front and back of the panels. The surprise, and I am continually surprised at how ideas bring far more than my limited view can foresee, is how light sparkled on the ground all over as it came through these holes I cut out! I am excited now to create a panel just to have these cutouts and not stuff them with anything!

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