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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loving while Piecing

The current panel I am working on is Bargello. I saw it in a quick idea that came across my mind. One sinuous line running through the long panel. Sketched it. Poof! The design is born. So easy. Have you made a Bargello quilt before? Many long straight lines to cut, to piece. Cutting the pieced units into strips. Piecing these together to create the undulations Bargello is known for. I attempt to hold the concept of love while I am working on this and I feel slow. Aware of how I want to zoom fast in whipping out this panel. Instead I am forced to patience. Seam by slow seam watching the movement of the strips slowly reveal the design I saw in an instant. 

I wonder if love is this way. Someone enters our life. We feel the rush of recognition, attraction, knowing. The feelings that can flood our being. Whichever form of love: love interest, a friendship, a child, spiritual calling, the flood of lovely feeling does come. The slow patience necessary to continue to feed love is never far behind. 

I know this particular panel will be beautiful. I have confidence based on other Bargello experience. It is not the rush of feeling kind of panel that some of the others I made were. This quilt piece balances the rapid results style. Reminding me that love is often about doing the next little thing. However mundane or ordinary it might be. Sew the next straight seam. Little by little loveliness is born. 

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