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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is Love?

I am interested in what everyone else thinks about love. How do you hold the concept or feeling of love? I wait to hear your comments. How has it been for you in while creating your panels?

I have made two panels so far for this Walking in Love Installation. Holding the idea of love has begun to be something I think about a lot. Right now I feel it as a conscious choice. A decision that is more than whatever my feeling state might try to dictate.  It is also clear to me that love is not "when the right person is around" or "when I have this or that dream" but is something that exists now. Something I can breathe into and even open to. In fact, breathing has become a focus somehow related to finding and feeling love. Is it this simple?

What does love feel like? To me it is a relaxing of the tension in my body. It is an ease in my emotions when they try to travel the familiar pathways where I would search out something to have fear or anxiety about and find lightness instead. The places where my mind would get stuck wandering around in sticky situations are dissolved. For Now. Keep breathing!

The white of the fabric, the ways in which light shimmers on silk, how dense light gathers when I lay down a lot of thread, these enchant me. I am in love with the creation of a fiber piece evolving before my eyes. It is a delight to have an object to be in love with and I also feel the transformation inside as "in love" changes from having an object for my attention to simply  a way of being with the joy that exists just because.

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