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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is Love when tragedy occurs?

When the heart aches and breaks wide open...when a talented and gorgeous young woman has left us due to a tragic car crash...when no sense can be made...what is love? Rain pours down above almost in response to this question and I hope it can come as balm to those who grieve the loss of Katie, my brother and sister-in-laws daughter, who died yesterday. I hope that all the good thoughts of everyone around can allow the broken hearts to be carefully tended. I  hope that Katie's two young children, Andrew and Brenna, will know the fullness of love even in epic loss. I hope that renewed forgiveness comes among all of us still here, to allow old wounds to be set aside....

I go to the white today, again. I go in honor of, in memory of Katie who courageously created such beautiful art, who lived life full on. I go and I hope that the thoughts of love that I hold, that all of us hold, can be made real and tangible to all who suffer great loss. I hope I can keep breathing and love will meet me in the art. How to live with the paradox of loss and believe that Katie is now pure light, as surely as my mother is pure light?

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